Bounty Campaigns have become an integral part of ICO marketing. BountyPortals is dedicated to bridging the gap between having a satisfied client, and delivering results fast in return of the work bounty hunters put in.

BountyPortals can handle bounty campaigns in an efficient and cost effective manner, thanks to our platform's efficient technologies. Our platform provides bounty hunters with a very direct, all in one way to access bounty tasks that's also specialized for each campaign's requirements.

Moreover, our under the hood technology makes checking the work of bounty hunters extremely efficient. This way ICO teams can be rest assured that they'll only be paying for quality work. Bounty hunters can also expect to receive payments to their address promptly after the campaign finishes.

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Choosing BountyPortals as an ICO's bounty campaign manager guarantees a cost effective and efficient management of the campaign, maximizing effectiveness.


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As a bounty hunter, you'll have access to a comprehensive interface that's set to make your tasks more efficient and easier to execute.



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Efficient System

Our system's infrastructure makes quality control of the tasks of bounty hunters ultra fast and efficient.

Extensive Quality Control

BountyPortals always strives to provide ICOs with the best results, and hence vetting on curated tasks only lets the best through.


Wherever possible, automation is uses to make the acceptance of entries as efficient as possible. This way eliminating the chances of human error and leaving space for more work to be done.

Streamlined Participation

Bounty Hunters will be directed to the right channels and provided with easy to understand instructions on how to complete each task through useful interface; leaving no space for mistakes from their part.

Wide Selection

As an ICO, you'll have the chance to promote your project through a variety of media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Slack, even expanding to the personal blocks of users.

Dedicated Services

Dedicated promotional campaigns that hit the core of the cryptocurrency community like bitcointalk signature and translation campaigns can be managed by BountyPortals.

All in One Platform

For each project, bounty hunters will have access to a dedicated dashboard leading them to all the tasks that are available for completion.

Direct Access to Tasks

Our easy to use dashboard dedicated to each project helps make task completion faster than ever.

Instant Progress Reports

No need to worry about tracking your progress. After completing a task, the report on progress is updated dynamically.

Direct Payments to Your Address

Trough profile customization, users can input their own wallet address for token payments.

No Waiting

Thanks to the efficiency and speed of our systems in tracking tasks, payments are processed as soon as possible after the campaign's completion.

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Irfan is a very hard working guy and did a good job on managing our bounty campaign. In the very busy time of your ICO, you need people like Irfan who you can trust to take this very important work. He knows the community, he knows the field, he knows the right tools and he'll do a good job.

Ivo Georgiev


Irfan is a real hardworking guy. If you're doing bounty campaigns for your ICO, you'd want Irfan to help you with the campaigns. He knows the community, he knows how to handle them & he does it efficiently. Great work ethic & communication!

Avadhoot Kulkarni

CMO - Indorse

Irfan_Pak10 We work with this guy regularly and he is awesome. Most definitely will be extending our working relationship with him, going forward. He is dedicated and relentless. An absolute gem of a fine in a crowded marketplace. Great work ethic and commitment to quality.


CEO - vDice

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